Sunday, October 19, 2008

Centennial Takes Division!

All Division Team: Second year in a row.
Scott and Devin waiting by the finish line to cheer for the girls.
Zach attack!!!
Devin passing in the final yards at Boulder City earlier this year.
Zach finishing at Boulder City.

Scott loves the hills

Trying to break out of the pack at the beginning of the race in Boulder City earlier this year.

Scott ran in Divisionals on Saturday October 18 at Basic High in Henderson. He got off to a bad start, falling and scraping open his knee early in the race, which put him behind a pack of other runners. He managed to catch up and pass most of them though and still finished fast enough to get a medal and help Centennial take first place. On to Regionals in two weeks!! Last year Scott made the All-Regional Team and Centennial took first place in the Region, so that's the goal again this year.

Dallin's busy life

Dallin was invited onto the student council at Molasky this last week. He was invited on at the beginning of the year but didn't want to at that time. Then the other student council members kept bugging him so when there was an opening he decided to join. (We really don't want to know the details of why there was an opening or how someone got impeached) So he's been going to school an hour early each morning for the last week, which will continue for the rest of the year.

This adds one more thing to his schedule, along with piano practice, playing the French Horn in the school band, rehearsals for the school play (he got the title role of the wolf in the school's production of "Big Bad"), working on scouts and Duty to God stuff, and getting such good grades. We are very grateful for the example Dallin is setting the rest of the family of being involved and making the most of his youth to develop all the talents and interests that he can.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Scott had a great time at homecoming yesterday. The day started with all the boys meeting at our house and then going and picking up all their dates for a hike and picnic at Red Rock.

Scott got all swanked up in his date Lindsey's brother's tux and a rented pink vest and bow tie, to match her dress. Then his Aunt Megan made him take GQ poses.

Then the whole group took pictures. They took the girls out to Maggiano's Italian restaurant in the Fashion Show Mall, then to the dance, then they went to one of the boy's houses where the boys had set up a carnival the day before, complete with a homemade miniature golf course, tie-dye shirtmaking, and most fun of all a big bounce house they had rented for the event. We were very impressed that all the boys had met the week before to plan the whole thing. They all had a blast.

Allison's Violin

Allison has been playing violin in the Molasky School Orchestra this year. She looks forward to it every day. (Mrs. Pili is her favorite teacher, but Orchestra is her favorite class). So far she's only learned to pluck, but its a beautiful instrument and we can't wait to hear her once they teach her how to use the bow.

Ethan's Car Race

Ethan got to go to a school friend's birthday party on Saturday. He's been crazy lately for the movies "Cars" and "Speed Racer" (which we rented last week and he wanted to watch every day all day). So he was very excited to see that there was go-kart racing at the party. When he pretends to drive he's very crazy so we were nervous to see how he'd do behind the wheel of an actual vehicle. He turned out to be very slow and cautious though, just the opposite of how he acts when watching movies or playing videogames. He had a great time.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Koi, Koi, & Koi

For three weeks I will be taking care of our neighbor's Koi pond while they are away. The pond is supposed to hold seven fish and there are twenty-three! Tiffany, another neighbor, and I work well together taking care of the cat, fish tank and koi. Ethan went the first day to help and learned he is allergic to cats!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Oregon and Scott's 17th

Scott, along with Centennial's top 7 runners, got to run in the Nike Pre-Nationals in Portland Oregon on September 27th. You had to be one of the top five schools in your State to be eligible, so they were running against really intense competition and were glad they did so well last year to qualify. He helped Centennial take 7th place out of 22 schools in the division they ran in. He also PRed (got a Personal Record) of 17:17 in the 5k!

After the weekend, we celebrated Scott's 17th. Last year we threw him a big surprise birthday party for his 16th which we told him would be the last big parent funded bash. So this year we just took him out to Red Lobster with the family. Can't believe he's almost a legal adult, old enough to vote. Sooo bittersweet how quickly the time is going bye.