Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grandma's Big Birthday Party!

This is our beloved Barbara. She grew up in Evanston Wyoming until she was six years old. Then her father Scott passed away when his appendix burst. Penicillin hadn't been discovered yet.

Her mom Ella was hobbit-height, had grown up in Bunkerville, and had graduated from college before she got married. So Ella moved with her three daughters, Norma, Barbara, and Carol, back to Southern Nevada. Ella got a house across the street from Las Vegas High School and taught Business classes at LVHS (typing, stenography, etc.). Ella never remarried but was self-sufficient her entire life and was able to provide for herself and her three daughters. Barbara graduated from LVHS as a Salutorian. One of the only B's Barbara ever got was from her mom Ella. The principal decided Ella was bending over backward and straining to be too strict to give this B and he made her change it to an A.

Ella had a rule, because of how important it had been in her life for her to be able to work, that her daughters had to graduate college before they could marry. Barbara had a boyfriend named Vern who got baptized when he was about 18 years old and wanted to marry Barbara. Ella wanted Barbara to finish college so she arranged for the Stake President to make sure Vern was called on a mission. He went far far away to South Africa and Barbara was safely able to finish college at UNR.

Finally, after years of waiting, just like Jacob, Vern was able to marry Barbara. He flew planes in the Air Force while she taught elementary school. Then Vern went to Law School in Washington D.C. while Barbara taught elementary school. So her education paid off as she was able to help support her family in the early years of their marriage.

Barbara and Vern's first few children were born in weird States like Texas and Maine because they were living in different places while Vern served in the Air Force. One of Barbara's children, isn't even sure which State he was born in because he was born near the border and has two birth certificates.

Finally, Vern and Barbara settled down in Las Vegas Nevada where they raised their four children. Barbara made them all attend college. Vern and Barbara had lots of exciting adventures with each other throughout their life, learning how to snowski and snowmobile and going on hikes in exotic lands. Now Barbara has lots of grandchildren and lots of great grandchildren.

We love her very very much because she taught us to have testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, taught us to work hard, taught us to love reading and learning and to value education, and taught us to be happy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Allison's Sewing Class

Allison has really been enjoying her sewing class. She sewed everything you see in this picture: the tote bag, the apron, and the pillowcase!

First Home Track Meet

The boys did well in their first home meet at Centennial on Monday. Scott was especially excited because he got a Regionals Qualifying time in the mile, and he also won his heat in the 800. Dallin did great too and now knows his first "best" times in these events to work against.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dallin Takes First in His First!

Dallin's first High School track meet was tonight. It was a newcomer's meet for Freshmen and Sophomores. Dallin ran the two mile against about 15 other runners and easily took first place with a time of 11:18.