Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fourth of July Family Campout

Our favorite tin foil dinners
Yummy (Messy) Smores
Chris: "Something you will never see at boy scout camp!"

Telling spooky stories at night.

Roasting hot dogs by the fire.

A couple of weekends ago our Bishop asked us at the last-minute if we could take a shift guarding the gear up at girls camp before it started. So we spent an unexpected Sunday afternoon and evening/til Monday morning, camping with the family. It was fun and beautiful.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Perry Family Reunion

Chris reciting "Rindercella" at the talent show
At the movie party "Alice in Wonderland" in the conference room
Bowling with the gang

Cedar Breaks

The kids with Grandma & Grandpa

Dad, Mom, Uncle John, and Aunt Mona

The Bowman Family
I loved planning and going to Cedar City for our reunion a few weeks ago. The first night we met at a park and played games and ate yummy food that Mom and Cathy prepared. The second day most of us went on the Slot Canyon hike in Kannaraville where Allison did a Tarzan move swinging behind the waterfall and got completely drenched. (Wish I had pictures!) Ethan and I got to entertain the little ones by playing games, swimming, and going to McDonalds. Later that evening we met at a church, had dinner, then went to the Shakespearean Festival Greenshow, then went bowling. Wednesday, we had a family photo shoot and then met in the mountains for dinner and a talent show. That evening we had a movie party and watched "Alice in Wonderland." It was a wonderful vacation where we got to see our loved ones and have fun with them.