Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ward Talent Show

Tonight was our ward talent show and it was so much fun! The Activity Day girls did an Irish Step Dance. Me and Denali made matching skirts for them to wear while Lark spent four weeks with them learning the steps. Allison and the Mia Maid group acted out "Rindercella" while Chris narrated it. I love to hear him tell this story. He is so great at it and it is our family's talent whenever we need a talent. Love you honey! You are a good sport for doing it on the spur of the moment sometimes! We had one surprise: This is a picture of our ward council playing the nose flutes, yes, NOSE flutes! They were good sports to do this without ever practicing! It was an amazing talent show with the sound system and popcorn to go with-one of the best I've been to. We have such a talented and fun ward!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Formal 2011

This year's LDS Formal was held at the World Market Center. Dallin went with his friend Marelise, from our ward, and his good friends Austin and John. They ate at the Tews and then had a fantastic time at the dance.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Youth Conference

Dallin and Allison really loved Youth Conference this year. They had games at Lone Mountain Park on Saturday evening and then they hiked up Lone Mountain in the dark by the light of their flashlights. You could see the lights streaming up the side and towards the top of the mountain from all over town, it was really cool. On Saturday they put on a carnival for children with Cancer from the Candlelighters. Our ward did a Plinko board (made by two amazing members) and a bean bag toss. Chris tried "the Maze" which was three stories you had to crawl through, built inside a semi trailer, which caused him to suffer claustrophobia for the first time in his life. The dance and testimony meeting were great too!

National Honor Society Induction for Dallin

Dallin was inducted to the National Honor Society. We are proud of him for all his hard work to keep his grades up. Way to go, Dallin!