Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Part II

Happy, hard-working, humorous, helpful, and humble are words that describe my dad. He is encouraging in all I do. If I have a car, gardening, or parenting question, he's the guy I call. I am grateful for his influence in my life and the joy he brings to me and my family. As a little girl I have fond memories of him: taking me to the ranch, letting me "help" him irrigate the hay fields and letting me ride "Diamond" our horse, teaching me to weed a garden, run a business from our home, and dance to jazz music. As a youth I remember him very patiently teaching each youth in our ward how to water ski, taking them on activities, and not putting up with any inappropriate behavior. He is a gentleman to my mother and shows great respect for her and loves her. I am grateful for him and his example of a loving father!

Happy Father's Day

Twenty-two years I have known my sweetheart and each day I thank my Heavenly Father for sending him into my life. He is an awesome husband and wonderful father to our children. He supports them in their various interests and activities, teaches them how to snow ski when they are eight, goes on dad dates, tells them stories and reads to them at night. He teaches us all about history, politics, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and humor. I remember flying to Florida one Christmas to be with his parents and he had just gotten a Dave Barry book. I spent the entire flight listening to him laugh out loud (he couldn't help himself) and I was sure the other passengers were wondering what was going on. I love when Scott, Dallin, and him start talking about "Calvin & Hobbes" because they start feeding off of each other and soon we are all laughing. I love his laugh, quick wit, and fun sense of humor. Happy Father's Day, Chris!

Rachel's Dance Recital

Rachel's Dance Recital was yesterday. She danced to the song "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" , part of the "Hannah Montana Movie Trilogy." She did great!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010