Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dallin's Surprise

We've continued the tradition of a Surprise Party on our sons' 16th Birthday. And once again, our son was either clueless or courteous enough to pretend he really was surprised. Dallin's surprise 16th Birthday party included making poster stories out of candy bars, build your own pizza, bigger or better, cake and presents, and a night playing ultimate frisbee and capture the flag at the park. The party lasted about 6 hours and everybody had a great time.

The girls definitely beat the boys in the Bigger or Better game. The boys' final haul was a bottle of sprite, a bottle of sparkling cider, and a palm frond. The girls came back with some neighborhood boys they'd traded up for. Live human prizes are definitely the best win we've ever seen in a bigger or better game.

Tea Party

Poor Kyle. He was a good sport. But someday he'll hate us for these pictures.

Happy BDAY Allison Big 14!!

Allison was lucky to have grandparents visiting on the day of her Birthday.
Add ImageAllison did not want to go out to eat for her birthday. She wanted clam chowder soup in breadbowls. Her favorite!
Happy Birthday Allison Contratulations. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!
She loves the Percy Jackson series, including the books and the movie.

Dallin's B-Day

Dallin was attending EFY and then Cross-Country Camp up in Provo for two weeks and wasn't actually home for his Birthday, so we had to sneak in some quick presents and cake one weekend when Scott was home visiting. HAPPY BDAY DALLIN WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Septimus Heap: Physik and Queste

Hi everyone. It's Allison Amazing Albright. I finally finished the third and forth Septimus Heap books. I also found this cool new picture of him. I think he looks cuter in this one than the other one from my first review. Hope you enjoy.

In this third twisted adventure our young hero Septimus Heap must stop the Evil Queen Etheldredda. The Evil Queen wants eternal life, not to mention there is a sickness going around. Septimus goes through a glass which takes him to the old way. Than he travels to The Great Doors of Time where he finds himself stuck in the past, 500 years ago. With the help of Jenna, Nicko and the newest character Snorri, everything turns out fine, with a little twist in the end.
Septimus has returned from his time to the past he has spent time with his long time friend Marcellus Pye. Marcellus was the last of the physicians and was born 500 years ago. Marica doesn't like this and asked Septimus to go to the wizard tower and start getting ready to do his very first projection. After he succeeds in doing an awesome projection Septimus finds himself staring at the evil Tertius Fume. Merrin, from the first book, doesn't want to give up now does he. Septimus goes on the Queste with Jenna and his good friend Beetle. he succeeds in finishing the queste and is the first to come back alive.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Allison's reading books: Septimus Heap Magyk and Flyte

Hi amazing people! It's Allison Amazing Albright here. I Allison have just finished an awesome book. It's called Septimus Heap, book 2, Flyte, by Angie Sage for all you guys. It was the most awesomest book ever to rule the world. This is the first book in the series.

This first book is when Septimus is in the Young Army. In the book the characters call him boy 412. But there's a surprising part in it that might get you off track. Anyways, boy 412 finds a ring that turns out to be the Dragon Ring of Hotep-Ra. Later in the book Marica, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, asks boy 412 to be her apprentice. The first time there was no reply from him, but near the end of the book he says yes. Then, while having his apprentice supper, which is the end of the book, you find out that he is Septimus Heap. So he became the awesome cute guy in my brain.

The second book is called Flyte and is set one year later, after Septimus finds out who he is. Simon, Septimus's oldest brother, wants revenge for not being th ExtraOrdinary Wizard's apprentice. So he tried, but failed, of course, to get rid of Jenna, the princess or his youngest sister. In this book Sep gets his own dragon. Later he does a Transubtantiate Triple spell to restore the dragon boat back to health. Finally, at the very end Sep learn the lost art of Flyte. The end still kind of confuses me. Simon feels the effects of the seventh son of the seventh son, who is Septimus, his brother. I just don't get why Simon says this, "I wish you had been dead when the midwife took you away." Is he just trying to be funny or did he mean it? Because it says that the last of his brothers had accepted him, so I don't really know what happens then but you can tell me what you think when you read it.

I think that you guys should read these books. the sixth one comes out in the spring of 2011. I believe it's Darke. It sounds cool. I think I know what happens in the fifth one because I saw the cover to it.

I can't wait to get the third one called Physik. please e-mail me if you want any other info about the books or other good books I have read. My e-mail is I really need to use it more anyways, so if you have anytime please do. Albright out.